National Projects

International projects

  • GESNAPHOTO,M.ERA.NET,“Nano-Structured GeSn Coatings for Photonics” 2016-2019
    RO project responsible: M. Braic
  • INTELBIOCOMP,ERA.NET.RUS-PLUS-INTELBIOCOMP-INOE-44/2016 "Fabrication and investigation of new hybrid scaffolds with the controlled porous hierarchy for bone tissue engineering" 2016-2017
    RO project leader: A. Vladescu
  • TANDEM,M.ERA.NET-3102-TANDEM-5-56/2016 "Thick, adherent stress-free DLC coatings for demanding applications" 2016-2019
    RO project leader: C. Vitelaru
  • EURATOM EUROfusion WPJET4-1EU-6/2/ 2016 "Gamma-ray spectrometer diagnostic upgrade for the jet high power DD and DT campaigns" 2014-2018
    Project responsible: V. Braic
  • EUREKA - FUSECOAT E!2307 , A novel system for high rate low temperature ultra-hard coatings” 2000 – 2005
    RO project leader: V. Braic
  • NATO – LOVARC- SfP 97-4083: ‘Improvement of low voltage vacuum circuit breaker on the basis of vacuum switching electric arc investigation’ 2000 -2004
    RO co-director: V. Braic
  • ESPRIT - 29958 MINESEYE – “Development and optimization of a dual sensor system with real time digital signal processing for the detection and identification of buried landmines and unexploded ordnance” 1999-2003
    RO project leader: V. Braic
  •  INCO COPERNICUS ERB-IC15CT970705 - "A compact, portable and economical high power inductive energy storage generator - development and application" – HEIBE 1997 - 2000
    RO project leader: V. Braic
  • INCO COPERNICUS: PATCOAT - ERBCIPACT 930154 "Plasma and thermal techniques for thin films and functional coatings” 1996-1999
    RO project leader: V. Braic
  • PNUD-ROM 07/89 – ‘Thin film and vacuum technologies‘ 1988-1992
    RO project leader: V. Braic

International collaboration - Bilateral projects