The ReCAST activity is mainly related to:

  • thin film Physical Vapor Deposition (dc, rf, pulsed bipolar magnetron sputtering, cathodic vacuum arc, thermal evaporation) with associated physical characterization methods;
  • plasma surface treatments;
  • ultrahigh vacuum (UHV)  technologies, including leak detection by mass spectrometry;
  • ion sources for ion assisted surface processing.

Thin film deposition research activities were developed in the last four years especially due to potential applications in material coatings and surface engineering. Ion assisted magnetron sputtering and cathodic vacuum arc were applied and developed preferentially. The Mass spectrometry helium leak detection, vacuum brazing and UHV physics and related technology are also landmarks of ReCAST at national level.

The development of the laboratory infrastructure was mainly focused on enhancing the existing thin film deposition and surface processing capabilities, resulting a complex, versatile, yet complementary laboratory infrastructure. Also, dedicated thin film characterization systems were purchased and installed to complete the infrastructure and make possible a quick and high quality evaluation of the processed samples.

The research Centre for Advanced Surface Processing and Analysis by Vacuum Technologies became Excellence Research Center, after a four years competitive process supervised by RELANSIN – a Romanian Research and Innovation Program aiming for national economic RE-LAunching.



E-MRS Spring 2018-Symposium L

Technical sessions: June 18-22
          Convention Centre of Strasbourg, France

The 2018 Spring Meeting will include 29 parallel symposia, one plenary session, one exhibition and much more.


September 17-19, 2017
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

16th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering
September 17 - 21, 2017