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Surface profiling/mapping/mechanical stress measurement system Dektak 150 (Veeco)


Measurement capability: two-dimensional (2D), contact surface profile measurements;
Sample surface characterizations: 2D surface roughness, step height measurements, three-dimensional (3D) mapping, film stress analyses;
Sample Viewing: 640 x 480-pixel camera, manual variable zoom (100x - 644x with 17” monitor)
Sample Stage: X-Y motorized stage, 150 mm travel, 1 µm repeatability, 0.5 μm resolution; 360° manual rotation, manual leveling;
Scan length range: 50 µm - 55 mm;
Data points per scan: 120 kpoints max.;
Stylus Sensor: low-inertia sensor (LIS 3)
Stylus Force: 1 - 15 mg;
Vertical range: up to 1 mm;
Vertical resolution: 1 Å max. (at 6.55 µm range);
Step height repeatability: less than 6 Å; 1 sigma on 0.1µm step;
Available stylus: diamond-tipped L stylus with 2.5 µm and 12.5 µm radius;
Available depth standards: nominal depth of 50 nm, 1 µm and 900 µm;
Available software: Dektak software; Step Detection software;Stress Measurement software; 3D Mapping with Vision analysis software;
Vibration isolation: TMC airless table-top vibration isolation platform.