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Hall effect measurement system by Van der Pauw method

The HMS-3000 Hall Measurement System is a complete four point Van der Pauw method system for measuring the resistivity, carrier concentration, Hall coefficient, magneto-resistance and carrier mobility of semiconductors. The systems can be used to characterize various materials including semiconductors and compound semiconductors (n & p type), metals, at both 300 K and 77 K.
The system can accommodate small (6mm x 6mm) and large (20mm x 20mm) samples.

    The system contains several modules:
    - constant current supply source and voltmeter;
    - sample measurement case;
    - permanent magnet set;
    - funnel for liquid nitrogen measurements
    - specific software (Windows compatible)

    Measurement ranges:
    - resistivity range: 10-4 to 107 Ohms-cm
    - Hall voltage range: 1µV to 2000 mV
    - mobility: 1 to 107 cm2/V.s