Research Facilities


The NanoSAM LAB S (OMICRON – OXFORD Instruments) is an unique facility allowing a detailed morphological and compositional  analysis  into a selected volume of a sample. The system is equiped with:
- UHV Gemini column for outstanding SEM imagery,
- NanoSAM electron energy analyser – HEA ,
- floating column ion gun,
- NanoSAM 5-axis sample stage,
The guaranteed lateral SAM resolution is 6 nm at 10 keV beam energy, and 10 nm at 5 keV. The NanoSAM hemispherical energy analyser features multichannel detection, a wide acceptance angle, and a variable energy resolution. The UHV Gemini column offers outstanding SEM functionality with an ultimate resolution below 3 nm under true UHV conditions and is optimised for superior performance at low beam voltages down to 100 eV and high beam currents up to 50 nA. In addition to the in-lens secondary electron detector, a separate external SED is provided for contrast enhancement and operation above 20 keV beam energies. The hemispherical electron energy analyser is optimised to work in conjuction with the Gemini column for AES analysis. The floating column ion gun provides low energy argon ions for charge neutralisation on insulators surface and also high energy ion beam for depth profiling in combination with AES analysis. The NanoSAM 5-axis sample stage has been designed for superior stability, 25mm diameter sample size, heating up to 1000K and eucentric tilt with a high-precision goniometer, enabling flexibility and performance for combination with various optional analytical methods such as angle-resolved SEM and Auger measurements, FIB, etc. The UHV system is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the SEM,  SAM and FIB operating modes.