Research Facilities


TriboLab UMT Bruker

Universal Mechanical Tester

Measurement Capability: Universal mechanical and tribology testing

System Specifications:

Integrated high-speed/high-torque drive motor;
Servo-controlled, precision Z-axis load stage;
Motorized positioning “lateral” stage;
Tool-less lower drive retaining system;
8 data channels (expandable to 16 channels), 16-bit DAS up to 200 kHz;
Auto-recognition Tribo ID technology;
Built-in temperature controller

Software : TriboScript tribology scripting software; Viewer data analysis package

Vertical Travel:

Distance: 150 mm;
Encoder resolution: 0.5 μm;
Speed: 0.002 to 10 mm/s 

Lateral Travel:

Distance: 120 mm;
Encoder resolution: 0.25 μm;
Speed: 0.002 to 10 mm/s

Load Range:  1 mN to 2000 N
Torque Capability: 5 Nm @ 100 rpm, 2.5 Nm @ 5.000 rpm
Temperature Control: -25 C to 1000 C



Lubricants testing
Testing of thin films and coatings
Glass strength and scratch resistance
Oil and gas refinery applications
Measuring very low friction forces
High-temperature materials testing
Stress-strain-bend testing
Hardmetals and hardfacings testing