Basic research on InN based thin films as multifunctional materials for optoelectronics applications – INDIN
Project leader: C.N.Zoita                                         2006 - 2008

Advanced research for new superhard thin films for wear resistant tools – ANTIWEAR
Project leader: V. Braic                                           2006 - 2008 

Biofunctionalization of implants for osteosynthesis surfaces– OSTEOSURF
Project responsible: V. Braic                                 2006 - 2008

Advanced researches regarding hardening mechanism and hot working stability of maraging steels – MEDUR
Project responsible: V. Braic                                 2006 - 2008

Comparative study of the quality of the nanostructured carbon films deposited by Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA), Cathodic Arc and Magnetron Sputtering methods - CARBOCOMP
Project responsible: M. Braic                                2006 - 2008

Advanced research on positron annihilation physics - ARPA
Project responsible: V. Braic                                2006 - 2008

Complex phenomena and size effects in nanostructured thin films with ferroelectric and ferroic properties – DINAFER
Project responsible: V. Braic                                2006 - 2008

Advanced research on the development of a structure to moderate, focus and accelerate monoenergetic positron beams in the 0.8-50 keV range, for use in detecting defects – TUNPOZ
Project responsible: V. Braic                                2006 – 2008

BIOcompatible shape memory ternary alloy as 3D and 2D structures - BIOSMETA
Project leader: M. Braic                                         2005 - 2007 

Multifunctional materials for microwave and millimeter wave applications - MATMIUM
Project responsible: V. Braic                               2005-2007

New ecological technologies based on plasma study of ECED type electrical discharges - ROEcoPlas
Project responsible: V. Braic                               2005-2007

Reaching trends in plasma processing science - RACORD
Project responsible: V. Braic                               2005-2007

In situ studies of the protective multilayered coatings
Project responsible: V. Braic                               2005-2007