Research Team

Technical Staff

    Cornel BOLINTIRU
    Constantin GHITA
    Marinica DOBRE
    Dumitru IONITA

          The team includes 9 researchers, with doctorate degree, and 3 PhD students. Two members of the team hold a PhD degree obtained abroad, at University of Texas, Dallas - USA and Paris Sud 11 University (Paris Sud 11 - Orsay) - France. Over the years, the number and experience of the team members varied, as some young people were employed, but other left for studying abroad. Due to the large amount of experimental work specific for the group activity, there are also 4 technicians with complementary skills, covering the necessary amount of work for coating systems operation, and specific electronics, vacuum and mechanical maintenance.

          The team works in strong connection to academic institutions, focusing not only on collaborative research projects and exploratory research projects, but also on specific programmes targeting the PhD formation and the stimulation of young independent research teams.

          The senior researchers are actively involved in different MSc and PhD dissertation committees, 16 PhD theses being advised by senior team members from 2012. Science communication and visibility is one important objective of our team. Also, the research laboratories are offered for hands-on teaching activities for groups of students from the partner academic institutions; several BSc theses were supervised and done in ReCAST laboratories.