PNCD-III Programme

Optimization of mesenchymal stem cells interaction with innovative biomimetic structures for tissue engineering applications - BioMimCells
Project responsible: Alina Vladescu                     2022-2024

New generation of Biocompatible Thin Film Metallic Glasses - Coat4Bio
Project leader: Alina Vladescu                                2021-2023

Method for obtaining antimicrobial flexible screen protectors for touch screens of electronic devices used in sensitive environments - MANTIFLEXIS
Project leader: Catalin Vitelaru                               2020-2022

Optical design and experimental method for obtaining a copper based multilayer structure for transparent thermal heat reflectors - OTHER
Project leader: Catalin Vitelaru                               2020-2022

High optical transparency thin films obtained by vacuum deposition of conductive oxides for anti-static applications and broadband protection against electromagnetic interference - THINSAFE
Project responsible: Catalin Vitelaru                      2020-2022

Obtaining and expertise of new biocompatible materials for medical applications - MedicalMetMat
Project responsible: Alina Vladescu                      2018–2021

Functionalised biomaterials for total arthroplasty implants- BioArt
Project leader: Mariana Braic                                  2017 – 2018

Novel multifunctional coatings with improved bioactive, anticorrosive and degradation features - DegraCoat
Project responsible: Alina Vladescu                       2017 – 2018