Scientific and Technological Capabilities

Deposition of:
- ultra-hard and hard coatings with anti-corrosive, anti-friction, anti-wear and biocompatible properties;
– different coatings providing enhanced protection to wear and corrosion for different materials;
– high temperature oxidation resistant coatings for turbine rotor blades;
– solid lubricant coatings;
– erosion resistant coatings for turbine rotor blades;
– thin films with low roughness (<1 nm) for EUV mirrors used in nano-electronics applications
– electrical and thermal highly conductive, adherent multilayered nano-structured coatings for plasma source electrodes with increased lifetime.

Vacuum brazing of:
– different ceramic materials;
– different metallic materials;
– cemented carbides on steel holders;
– metal – ceramic joints.

Another capabilities: design and construction of:
– sealed-off structure of neutron generator tubes for oil prospects;
– sealed-off structure of neutron generator for anti-personal mine detection;
– vacuum chamber for an electron accelerator to be used for electron-positron interaction studies in JINR Dubna, Russia;
– vacuum chamber for a positron accelerator;
– vacuum sealed-off chambers for low voltage and high current interrupters, used in electric energy distribution systems;
– electrodes for an MPP plasma source with internal water cooling system;
– EUV resist exposure UHV system.